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Web Hosting Control Panel

You are now able to publish your website to our servers. Please use your server login information that was emailed to you after you purchased your new web hosting.

Your Hosting Control Panel

If you have lost your logins to the server or you can not login, please contact us and we will email you the credentials or reset your logins.

Very Important Information

Please follow the following steps to successfully publish your website to the Internet through your hosting account.

  1. Once you are in your control panel, click on FILES on the left panel. This is your File Manager.
  2. Your website files must be uploaded to the HTTPDOCS folder.
  3. Make sure your home page is named INDEX.HTML or INDEX.PHP
  4. Make sure you delete the existing index.html file that is there before you upload your website files to the httpdocs folder.
  5. Click on "Websites & Domains" in the left menu. This is your panel homepage. Look for SSL/TLS Certificates.
  6. Make sure SSL certificate (https) is installed on your hosting account. If not, then click on the link and choose "Let's Encrypt" as the company. Follow the steps. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us and we will secure your website for you. This will allow your site to be found via

If you have issues with the technical stuff, please contact us at

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