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We have 4 methods of payment for purchases of our products and services. Please read below.

Online Payment Through our Website

We have 2 online (via our website) methods of making payment for our products and services here at Light Touch Technologies. They are as follows:

  • Credit Cards Payments via Stripe
  • PayPal (Login to your PayPal account or pay via credit card through PayPal if you don't have an account with them.)

The 2 payment options are available at your shopping cart on the Light Touch Technologies website.

Offline Payment by Contacting Us

Interac E-Mail Transfer

This is our 3rd method of payment. This is NOT available through our website online. You will need to contact us to arrange this form of payment. If you don't have an accessible credit card and want your service active right away, you may choose E-Mail transfer. Reminder, you MUST contact us first prior to sending us a E-Transfer.

After Notifying Us . . .

Please send to email address: support@lighttouchtech.ca (Double check email address when you do the e-Transfer to make sure you are accurate.) You will receive a confirmation from Interac upon the transfer of the funds at our end. Your product or service will be activated shortly after payment is received and we will immediately send you the our order confirmation/receipt and the necessary information to access your purchased product or service.

Mail-in Check/Cheque or Money Order

You may choose to send us payment for your purchase via US Post/Canada Post or delivery company. Only company checks/cheques are allowed. Money orders must be from major institutions within the USA as well as Canada.

You can not order online with this method of payment. Contact us to order.

The mailing and delivery address for Light Touch Technologies is:

Light Touch Technologies
#301, 536 - 58 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2V 0H6

Important . . .

Your product or service will not be active until we receive your payment in the mail or delivered to our address via delivery company.

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