After ordering your products and services, do I get any self-serve control panels? You will receive one or both of the following customer control panels upon creating an account... Can the Light Touch Technologies web hosting server handle streaming media? Our hosting server has ample processor power and memory with redundancy and fast responsive SSD... Do you offer Windows hosting or Linux or both? At the current moment we only offer Linux web hosting to our clients. We anticipate offering... Does my purchased web hosting let me backup my website regularly. Yes. Each web hosting package purchased comes with the feature called "Backup & Restore" that... FREE 30 Day Trials Offered for Web Hosting! Our Free Web Hosting Trials Currently, we are offering 2 free 30 day trials of our unlimited web... How do I access my hosting customer control panel? Yes we do. Our customer panel for web hosting is full of features that allow the customer to... How does the 30 day free web hosting trials work? How the 30 Day FREE Trials Works Your free trial start date of the 30 days begins on the date of... Is Light Touch Technologies a reseller for web hosting? No we are not. The web hosting server is leased and totally operated and managed by Light Touch... What are web host nameservers? What are the nameservers for Light Touch Technologies? Nameservers are names that have IP's attached to them that target a web hosting server where a... What is meant by shared hosting? A shared web hosting service is a web hosting service where other customer's websites reside on... What is not permitted while using the 30 day free web hosting trials. Website Content Stipulations We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any customer subscribers... What web hosting packages do you offer customers? We have four web hosting packages available to our customers: Power Server Hosting Disk Space...
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