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How the 30 Day FREE Trials Works

Your free trial start date of the 30 days begins on the date of the subscription order for the web hosting trial. For example, if you ordered the free web hosting trials on January 10, 2022, it would end on February 10, 2022.

Customer Service Panel and Customer Hosting Panel

This web hosting trials give you unlimited resources of what a Linux web hosting server offers under shared hosting. You will receive a Customer Service Panel that allows you to submit support tickets to our 24/7 Customer Care Support, change your password, pay invoices view previous invoices and also has a button link to your Customer Hosting Panel that will allow you to configure and manage these server resources. The Customer Hosting Panel in short allows you to perform server administrative tasks on your own via a web-based browser window. Refer to your login credentials that you received via email after setting up your 30 day trial web hosting account. Click to read more about our customer panels.

The web hosting trials subscription account auto-cancels after 30 days of the start date on your account. The entire website would then disappear off of the Internet and be deleted from our server. We do not make backups of customers' trial accounts. NO COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED for the trial. No credit card is required to order the 30-Day Free trials!

Domain Name for Trial Web Hosting

A free sub-domain is available for your free trial of our web hosting if you do not have a domain name to use. The sub-domain will be in this format This sub-domain that you will get will only be valid for the 30 days of your web hosting trial. You can also use your already reserved domain name or order your domain name from us. This is useful if you choose to continue your web hosting service to a paid plan. We offer TLD (Top Level Domains) website domains. You can purchase a LOW cost domain name here.

Using Your Own Domain Name for the Trials

If you have a registered domain name already, you would simply point your domain name's DNS nameservers to ours here at Light Touch Technologies. Click this link for how-to information on nameservers. Contact Customer Care Support if you need any assistance.

Using a Free Sub-Domain for the Trials

If you choose to use a free sub-domain for your free trial, you do not need to deal do anything with the domain name on your end. Your web hosting will appear automatically in the Internet browser by typing your sub-domain URL after you order your trial.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you are pleased with our service and you wish to continue with a very affordable paid hosting package that we offer, it is best practice to backup your website and order your paid web hosting package prior to the expiry date of your trial. We will always offer the Premium 24/7 Customer Care Support for all products and services as well as the trials. Click to see our Customer Care Support if you have any questions.

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