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Purpose of the LTT Technology Blog

We are please to release our new company blog in efforts to create a community of people interested in business, careers and technology. Our company technology blog will also have posts of our newest promotions and news offered to our customers.

Our Blog Community

You read above that our technology blog is a community. This is our goal of our blog. A community blog is about the public submitting article blog posts as well as commenting on existing posts in this blog. All of our content will be constantly updating so our viewers are not looking at old, un-updated content.

Submitting Free Blog Article Posts

Blog Writing

We need talented writers to submit their article posts to our technical blog. The article submissions MUST be relevant to technology, business, health and career wellness. Any requests that are advertising a business are not qualified to submit a free article post. For business advertising, please click on Business Advertising in the top menu bar in this blog. Click Submit Free Article to request your submission or click on the menu name in the top menu bar.

What is Not Allowed for Submission

We do not allow the following types of content on our technology blog:

  • Racism
  • Hate
  • Pornography
  • Content not related to business, technology or careers
  • Spam and spambots

Commenting to Article Posts

Since this blog is a community, we urge the public to comment on the content of the posts within this blog. Comments do NOT allow the opportunity to advertising. Please read the Business Advertising post on this blog.

We Do Not Tolerate Spam on Our Blog

Any article submission requests or comments that contain spam will result in the sender being blocked from our server. We take spam seriously and provide no allowance for it. Automatic spam attacks called Spambots are computer sent where no one is actually sending the content. These will also be blocked from our server. See our Terms and Conditions to read more.

Have Fun and Happy Blogging!

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